Indian Yogurt Shake

A healthy start: Indian Yogurt shake (Lassi), which can boost give you an energetic and healthy start off to a busy day.


  1. Half cup (80 to 100gm) of homemade or standard quality yogurt.
  2. For sweetness, one or two spoons of sugar. If you like it salty, then add a little amount of salt instead of sugar.
  3. Three to four kinds of nuts soaked overnight. Cashew, walnut, almond, peanut. Total nuts are not more than 80 to 100 gm.
  4. A medium sized banana (mashed 100gm) and a few grapes or strawberry.
    The later choice is optional.
  5. Half a cup of flaked coconut. If coconut is not available then coconut cream could be used.
  6. A little amount of Mint or curry leaf.


Step 1

Take the yogurt and all the nuts together in the mixer. Switch on the mixer and make a paste.

Step 2

Add the banana and grapes and also added two cups of water (100 ml)

Step 3

Add little amount of sugar (or salt) and coconut flakes. Switch on the mixer and allow it mix for not more than a minute.

Step 4

Pour the drink in your favorite glass or goblet. Sprinkle crushed dried mint leaves on it and adds ice. Enjoy the delicious and healthy drink to be energetic whole day in your office. This drink also can be taken by the sports persons.


People with high blood pressure problems or diabetic diabetes, should avoid excessive salt and sugar to add in the drink and also should minimize the amount of different nuts.
The drink has all kind of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in right proportion. Carbohydrate, protein, fat, calcium, vita-C and vita-B12, are available in a form that is easy to digest. Unsaturated fatty acids which are coming from the nuts are nicely blended in the mixture which will surely and help to clean the blood from the fat cells moving in the blood vessels.

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