The Density of God

Within the universe’s four recognizable dimensions, God is ever present. God’s density is approximately equivalent to the density of the universe, like a person’s density is approximately equivalent to the density of his or her environment.

God is in all things, alive and not alive. Its distribution among things, however, is independent of the density of things. In things whose density is higher than the average density of the universe, the presence of God in relation to the density of those things is usually relatively small.

God is conscious. It is able to control Its density and therefore Its presence in things. If God increases Its density in individual things, Its density in all other things will decrease proportionally. God only increases Its density in individual things if It recognizes a good reason to do so.

To date, God has twice recognized good reasons to significantly increase Its density on the planet earth: to turn matter to living matter, and to turn life to thinking life.

God’s normal density on the planet earth is sufficient to influence events which would otherwise be controled by the planetary laws of nature only. However, if God recognizes reasons to increase Its density elsewhere in the universe, It’s density on the planet earth is smaller and Its influence on events is smaller than usual.

God is good. During Its normal density in things, positive and negative events are in balance. If God increases Its density locally, positive events dominate, but they are being compensated by negative events elsewhere in the universe, because God’s density has been smaller there.

God’s normal density in a person is not higher than elsewhere. Persons, however, have the potential to use their conscience to communicate with the aspect of God within themselves and to ask God to locally increase Its density. To reach this goal, a person must try to attract God’s interest. If a person has attracted God’s interest, a divine inspiration may reach him or her. If God’s interest continues for an extended period, a personal good angel may develop.

God is forced to neglect other parts of the universe while increasing Its density in favor of a person. For that reason, persons should try to attract God’s interest as little as possible, and only if there is an important reason. Persons who ask for God’s help too often have more difficulty attracting Its interest when truly needed. God’s interest is more easily attracted by praying for others than by praying for oneself.


Indian Yogurt Shake

A healthy start: Indian Yogurt shake (Lassi), which can boost give you an energetic and healthy start off to a busy day.


  1. Half cup (80 to 100gm) of homemade or standard quality yogurt.
  2. For sweetness, one or two spoons of sugar. If you like it salty, then add a little amount of salt instead of sugar.
  3. Three to four kinds of nuts soaked overnight. Cashew, walnut, almond, peanut. Total nuts are not more than 80 to 100 gm.
  4. A medium sized banana (mashed 100gm) and a few grapes or strawberry.
    The later choice is optional.
  5. Half a cup of flaked coconut. If coconut is not available then coconut cream could be used.
  6. A little amount of Mint or curry leaf.


Step 1

Take the yogurt and all the nuts together in the mixer. Switch on the mixer and make a paste.

Step 2

Add the banana and grapes and also added two cups of water (100 ml)

Step 3

Add little amount of sugar (or salt) and coconut flakes. Switch on the mixer and allow it mix for not more than a minute.

Step 4

Pour the drink in your favorite glass or goblet. Sprinkle crushed dried mint leaves on it and adds ice. Enjoy the delicious and healthy drink to be energetic whole day in your office. This drink also can be taken by the sports persons.


People with high blood pressure problems or diabetic diabetes, should avoid excessive salt and sugar to add in the drink and also should minimize the amount of different nuts.
The drink has all kind of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in right proportion. Carbohydrate, protein, fat, calcium, vita-C and vita-B12, are available in a form that is easy to digest. Unsaturated fatty acids which are coming from the nuts are nicely blended in the mixture which will surely and help to clean the blood from the fat cells moving in the blood vessels.

Chateau Hansen

Han Jianping
Organic wine from the Desert

Speech of Han Jianping, Chairman of Inner Mongolia Hansen Winery Group Co., Ltd. in Los Angeles, California, 2013-04-20:

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very happy to come to the City of Angels – Los Angeles, where the scenery is very beautiful! Here I feel the unique atmosphere of Southern California and meet so many new friends, that it makes me feel at home.

I am fortunate to participate in this forum with you, because we share a common ideal: we are concerned about the global environment, we aim to create green wealth, and we promote an ecological civilization.

I come from Wuhai City in the desert of Inner Mongolia of Western China, and own a wine business. We spent ten years time to grow high-quality wine grapes in our desert area. Growing wine grapes in this area has created a miracle. The story I bring to you today is our true life story of the past ten years.

The world’s desert area accounts for about 21% of the world’s total land area. Total desertification in China is ​​2.62 million square kilometers, accounting for 27% of the land area. China is one of the countries seriously harmed by desertification, and therefore, sand control is a part of China’s basic national policy.

Wuhai City, my hometown, is located in the West Ordos Plateau, where the two deserts of Ulan Buhe and Kubuchi meet. We have perennial drought, an annual rainfall of about 100mm, and we are located at latitude 39°. This area is ideal for growing grapes of best quality. In 2001, in order to play the grapes advantage to support local viticulture, my brother Mr. Han Shengping gave everything to cultivate grape seedling, to grow grapes in the desert, to establish wineries, and to turn his winemaking career dreams into reality.

After several years of hard work, he looked in the direction of desert viticulture and laid the basis for a growing wine industry. His arduous pioneering and heavy overwork led to his untimely death in 2004. He gave his life for the development of the regional desert wine industry.

I put aside my own enterprise and inherited my brother’s dream of the desert grape and wine. The companies and products are named after him, which is the origin of “Hansen”. Me and my family increased investment starting in 2005, and extended the plantation of wine grapes in the desert.

Wuhai has a desert climate, with little wind and rain, and a sparse vegetation. We have adopted a mode of “grass as a basis, trees as a supplement”, to create a micro-environment protecting the grape seedlings. We so achieve the purpose of windbreak and sand to create conditions for the large-scale cultivation of grapes. We use Israeli drip irrigation technology, and apply organic fertilizer to cultivate organic grapes. After failing again and again, we finally formed our own cropping patterns, built in the desert a piece of lush vineyards and the first desert organic winery in western China!

Hansen’s green industry model is: “based on the Wuhai quality grape-producing areas, using industrial sand grass to open up the grape planting base. We transfer the traditional, passive and transfusion sand control mode, into an active, hematopoietic mode of taking advantage of the desert. Our efforts have not only changed the desert into an oasis, but also made desert vineyards output quality grapes. With our good desert organic grapes, plus an outstanding team of winemakers and international quality production process, we built a first-class organic wine production base in China’s western desert.

Since 2006, Hansen wine won three gold medals at the wine competition in Asia, 2010 became Shanghai World Expo DVNET Pavilion designated wine. Since 2011, we participated in two International Bordeaux Wine Fairs of France, and won twice gold medal in Berlin, Germany, and gold and silver medals several times in France, Britain and other countries. We gained export license to six countries in Europe, and in 2012 became well-known trademark in China!

In review, first of all I want to thank my older brother. He had no regrets having selected desert grape and wine as his cause. I also like to thank the vastness of the desert and endless winding of the Yellow River, for motivating our selfless dedication. Although we have done something for ecological construction and promote the development of local industry, we are most grateful for the great support of the people.

In our green wealth creation process, we follow the famous Chinese academic scientist Qian Xuesen, developer of the modern sand industry concept, who is known as “the father of the sand industry”. Under the guidance of his theory, we scientifically make use of sand, and turn the previously considered maleficial desert to the benefit of mankind, producing high-quality organic wine products which in other areas are difficult to achieve.

Our cause is attached to the whole world. Because everyone who tastes Hansen Desert Organic Wine ingests not only the health and taste, but also our social responsibility and the benefit of mankind feelings.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the philosophy our Hansen people have always pursued: Through the desert cultivation, protection of the environment, dedication to the consumer, we form one positive interaction between industry and society. We inspire the whole community concerned about nature. The whole world agrees with a healthy and sustainable model of development, that at the same time meets human material needs, and takes ecological construction into account. Let us look forward to the future of the human race and jointly build a beautiful Earth!

I sincerely invite you to come to our desert organic winery as a guest! We are looking forward to cooperate with you, to achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation.

Thank you!

Ayurvedic medicine ginger

In Vedic times, as human civilization has started a firestorm, Vedic yogis and saints have done a lot of research and study about existing of medicinal elements in plants. In addition, they have observed the different plants and their different internal chemical composition of the characteristics and quality differences. Later, these observations and studies have been written down in the Vedic scriptures, and is used to treat the disease.

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of flame elements. They are physical fire, the internal fire, external fire. Physical fire stays in three places: the first place is the ‘Brahma Randhra’, which is described by the Vedic scriptures skull on top of the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord as the end, second place is the mouth, third place is in the anus. Internal fire stays in the other three places: the stomach, spleen and intestines. External fire live in medicinal plants, kitchen and burning sacred place, in Sanskrit is often called Yagya. Yagya is done when a devout priest burn wood, oil and other elements in prayer. Among the 9 fire, Ginger is part of an external fire. If the element of fire in our body slows down or weakened, ginger and it’s preparations are used to ignite the inside fire to prevent us from the disease manifestations which caused by weakening of energy in our body.

Ginger qualities:
The main active ingredient in ginger is terpenes and turpentine called ginger oil. The two and other active ingredients of ginger also provide antiseptic, lymph cleansing, circulation, relieve constipation qualities.